Parenthood is a journey towards emotional maturity. It is learning to respond in love when you are hurt, triggered, and overwhelmed. It is learning to love, even when another's behaviour is unloveable.

Sarah Boyd

Your Journey.

You’ve come so far – you grew a new human, birthed your baby or adopted your baby and now you are on the parenting track.

As a natural parenting advocate my goal is to enhance your family’s connection.

What is Gentle Parenting?

Gentle Parenting is guiding your children without shaming or punishing. It uses natural and logical consequences. A core value is correction with connection. It means holding age-appropriate expectations and boundaries.

On your way through parenthood you will wonder how to carry your child, how to support your baby’s sleep, what kind of nappies you want to use and if your child’s emotional development is ‘normal’.

I can provide answers to your questions and back them up with latest evidence so that you can lead a mindful family life.

I’m here to support you and to follow the most natural way that feels right for your family’s needs. 

Parenting hacks.

Scientific reasons for baby carrying -

1 %

Newborns cry less when worn 3hrs a day.

1 %

Less burdensome to carry baby than holding in arms.

1 min

of daily handling your baby will lead to less spit-up.

1 min

of daily carrying will improve breastfeeding success.

Sources: Hunziker UA, Barr RG. (1986). “Increased carrying reduces infant crying: a randomized controlled trial.” Pediatrics, 77(5):641-8. Wall‐Scheffler CM et al. (2007). “Infant carrying: The role of increased locomotory costs in early tool development”. American Journal of Physical Anthropology, 133(2):841-846. Hopper HE, Pinneau SR. (1957). “Frequency of regurgitation in infancy as related to the amount of stimulation received from the mother.” Child Development. 28(2):229-35. Pisacane A et al. (2012). “Use of baby carriers to increase breastfeeding duration among term infants: the effects of an educational intervention in Italy.” Acta Paediatrica, 101(10):e434-8.

What to expect from your child and what you are learning about yourself in the process. Gentle strategies for an easier life. Aspects of brain development and gentle discipline.


Giving you tipps and tricks on how to ditch the sleep training need in fostering natural sleep solutions.

Looking into the science of baby carrying and providing individual carrying solutions for everyone. 

How to save money and the environment and even provide more comfort for your baby.

Weaning for lazy parents and why to ditch pures from the start. Family eating made easy.

Your Journey. My Mission.

Connection, curiosity and confidence.

I want to help you to build a relationship with your child.

I'd love to support you on your journey.

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