Supporting you on your journey from pregnancy through parenthood.

Striving to empower you to make informed decisions across your journey leading to better outcomes.

Doula | Baby-carrying consultant | Gentle Birth Childbirth Educator

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On what part of the journey are you?

As a lifelong educator and natural parenting advocate I am here to support you on your journey from pregnancy through birth and beyond. I want to provide you with trusted information you can use to be an even better parent then you already are.

  • Pregnancy

    Trying to conceive or already pregnant? I’d love working with you on your pregnancy journey. I offer emotional and practical support if you’re anxious what to expect in your first pregnancy and also if you were previously pregnant.
  • Birth

    No matter what way you choose to give birth as long as it feels right for you. A positive empowered birth experience will pave the way for confident parenting and better mental well-being. As a doula it’s my goal to empower you and your partner to achieve the birth you want.
  • Parenting

    Congratulations to your new family member - I provide all services needed to get your parenting journey of the best start possible. Parenting is tough and why not utilize support available?
  • Education

    You want to Learn about childbirth, baby carrying, weaning or how to introduce your new baby to your toddler? On your journey through life I can offer you insights into all kinds of topics backed up by the latest research.

Hi, I am Anne and this is my journey.

My name is Anne and I am a mother of two and a full-spectrum doula living and working in Neubrandenburg after I’ve recently relocated from Ireland. During my first pregnancy in Ireland I learned how much support expecting parents need in a foreign country and I hired a Doula to support our growing family. After my second pregnancy I found my calling and trained with DONA International as Birth Doula.

Anne Föls

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