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Rental terms and conditions

In addition to Natural Journey’s general terms and conditions as well as privacy policy, the following terms of conditions apply to any rental orders.

The renter is obligated to use the rented product properly. The use of the product takes place on one’s own responsibility. Before each use, the product is to be checked for integrity and the enclosed instructions are to be read carefully before use or, alternatively, the renter will be instructed by Natural Journey in the use of the product.

The renter is responsible to check the rented product for completeness and defects.

The renter agrees to treat the product properly and gently. The product must not be washed, it will be thoroughly washed and cleaned by Natural Journey. Modifications to the product are not permitted.

The rented product remains the property of Natural Journey. The rental / transfer to third parties is only permitted with prior consent.

The rental period begins with the date of delivery or collection and ends with the date of return.

The agreed date is recorded in the rental contract/order. If this is not adhered to or if the renter wishes to borrow the product for a longer period, the rental period is automatically extended by one week and charged accordingly.

The renter is responsible to return the product duely or to hand it over at the agreed place.

The renter is responsible to return the product in full scope of delivery. Lost packaging, bags, operating instructions or the like will be charged.
Once the product is received by Natural Journey, it will be carefully checked. The deposit will be refunded if the product is in acceptable condition considering fair use or can be offset against an ordered product.

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