One of the biggest determining factors in how you will handle a challenging event is how you think about your ability to cope with the challenges.

Tracy Donegan

Your Journey.

Trying to conceive or already pregnant? Giving birth is one of life’s major events and you need to prepare emotionally, mentally as well as physically for it.

As a Gentle Birth Childbirth Educator it’s my goal to prepare you and your partner for a positive birth.

What is Gentle Birth?

The Gentle Birth program trains your brain, teaches you techniques to manage physically on the day and also prepares you to navigate the maternity care system using practical decision-making tools. It changes the way you think about pregnancy, birth and parenting so you can feel excited about birth and confident in your ability to handle whatever comes your way on the day and those intense weeks of early parenting.

You will learn about signs / stages of labour as well as labour positions and comfort measures.

  • Prelabor to Birthing Stage to Recovery
  • Movement and Positions
  • Comfort Aids and techniques

You will learn easy to use mindfulness practices and breathing techniques to prepare you for birth.

  • Relaxation
  • Hypnosis
  • Visualisation
  • Breathing

You will learn about the neuroscience of birth.

  • Pain vs Suffering
  • How to handle unexpected changes

You will learn that daily use of the GentleBirth program rewires your brain for calm and confidence.

  • More than 140 tracks to listen to and practise
  • Personalised journeys
  • Contraction timer

You will learn about the role of your birth partner on the day.

Hypnosis. Mindfulness. Affirmations. Breathing.

Workshops to prepare you.

‘GentleBirth gave us so many tools, and great support. Our instructor made the class fun and engaging. My partner loved the brain science and sports psychology and feels very sure of his role now. We both feel ready to handle whatever comes our way on the big day.’

Calley, GentleBirth mom

Group classes or private options available.

I'd love to support you on your journey.

GentleBirth is the world’s first intelligent birth preparation app. Combining brain science, birth science and technology to help you have the most positive birth experience possible.

GentleBirth Classes

In person and/or virtually


Answers to your questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We will discuss how to have a more calm, confident, and positive pregnancy and birth, including mindfulness, hypnosis, sports psychology, comfort measures for birth and delivery, writing your birth preferences, navigating through the hospital system, fun, and interactive activities together, discussion, empowering discussions and interaction.

The GentleBirth App includes over 140 unique audio sessions to support you in your pregnancy, birth and parenting journey including twins and VBAC. Each of our specially curated collections focuses on a specific need (Reduce Anxiety, Improve Sleep, Labor Playlist, Cesarean Birth, Positive Induction, Change of Circumstances in Labor etc, etc). Meditation is a core foundation of the GentleBirth approach as it trains the brain in different ways.

It also has specially curated content for birth partners (male or female). Your hypnobirthing and meditation sessions are specific to your due date as you’ll see in your daily recommended practice sessions so they will change throughout your pregnancy.

In labor you can use our free GentleBirth Contraction timer and play your favorite labor sessions as you time your surges. The advanced timer guides you through every surge based on the length of your labor and how intense the sensations are.

GentleBirth optimizes brain plasticity in pregnancy and the postpartum period. Daily use of the GentleBirth program rewires your brain for calm and confidence. Improve your emotional resilience and bounce back from stressful events faster. Reduce activity in the limbic part of the brain in labor to feel emotionally in control. Make informed decisions by increasing knowledge and giving you tools to navigate through the hospital. Feel happier and more stable as you become more gentle with yourself. Build a buffer to stressful events in labor reducing potential birth trauma, build resilience for birth. Evidence-Based care, giving you all the right information to make informed decisions for your pregnancy and birth.

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