Sling Meet

Monthly sling meet in Neubrandenburg.

43% of newborns cry less when worn three hours a day.

Promoting baby carrying.

What's in it for me?

The sling meet is for everyone who already carries their baby or is interested in carrying. It is intended for parents, grandparents or daycare mothers/fathers who already use a baby carrier and would like to exchange ideas with like-minded people over coffee / tea or learn more about carrying.

I am a certified baby carrying consultant and will provide tips & tricks on emerging issues, seasonal topics, and safety & ergonomics while carrying, and more.

The sling meet is a volunteer lead service and free but is not to be understood as an in-depth consultation.

Further information

Topics are changing monthly, please feel free to suggest a topic of interest to you. 

To register for a sling meet click on an upcoming meet below.

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As a participant, you will also have the opportunity to borrow from my sling library.

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Drop me a line and I will be in touch.

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